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The First Microsoft Accelerator Startup Roadshow – A Week in Review

Last month, we hosted our first Global Startup Roadshow with 15 startup CEOs from our global accelerator portfolio for a five days of meetings and networking in Silicon Valley and Seattle.

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India’s Digital Transformation and the Role of Startups in that Journey

(This post is part of the Think Next thought leadership series) When we think of digital platforms with over a billion active users, we would think of international companies like Facebook, Microsoft and few others.

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How startups are changing the BFSI industry in India

(This post is part of the Think Next thought leadership series) The BFSI in India saw a major change post the 1990 structural reforms. Today, the segment is undergoing another yet similar disruption.

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Invaluable insight along with ping pong and Xbox – Microsoft’s awesome accelerator

Back in March, I was excited to hear that Capitalise had been selected to be part of Microsoft’s accelerator program.

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History of the Indian Startup Ecosystem – eBook

(This post is part of the Think Next thought leadership series) Just in the 1980s, India was recognized for commodities like cotton, jute or spices and was regarded an exotic land far removed from global path of progress. In contrast, today India is a powerhouse of Software and Information Technology capabilities. The size and nature […]

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The Dreaded Burn: Managing Burn Rate Responsibly During Economic Uncertainty

Today’s contribution is a guest post from David Mandell, CEO of PivotDesk.

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15 Microsoft Alumni Hit the Road for Inagural Global Startup Roadshow!

As part of the swift transition Microsoft Accelerator is making towards supporting more mature startups, we are fortunate to host 15 startup CEOs (out of +500) from our global portfolio for a five-day event in Silicon Valley and Seattle.

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Announcing Our Latest Global Partnership to Support and Scale Startups: Temasek and Portfolio Companies

We believe that Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help startups grow from idea to IPO, through every stage of their lifecycle, including writing the first lines of code to scaling customer growth.

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