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Introducing the 6th Batch Joining Microsoft Accelerator London

Over 340 applicants from 20+ countries around the world threw their hat in the ring for a spot in our autumn 2016 London Accelerator program. After whittling down the numbers—a challenging task—we invited a healthy mix of companies with cross-sector functionality to attend the interview stage.

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Investing in Female-led Startups: Best practices for investors

This is the second article in a series from Noga Tal addressing the inclusion of women in the startup industry. From accelerators to entrepreneurs, from investors to government policy and programs, we’re exploring the current state of women’s inclusion in our industry and providing some tips and best practices for further advancements.

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Collaborate to Innovate: Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park Incubator

Microsoft China, the Administrative Committee of Shanghai Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park, and Sensoro to partner in building a Cloud & Application Incubator Platform based on Microsoft Azure operated by 21Vianet cloud platform at Shanghai Zhangjiang primarily to support technology innovation, entrepreneurs training and the promotion of final product results.

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Investing in Female-led Startups: How VCs can benefit from more inclusive investment practices

This article is the first in a series from Noga Tal addressing the inclusion of women in the startup industry.

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Mentor Insights: It takes a village to raise a child, a good network to grow a startup

This past spring, I had the wonderful opportunity to mentor the Knomos team during their involvement in Microsoft’s Machine Learning Accelerator in Seattle. Knomos is a web app that maps a visual knowledge network of legal information for research, education, and knowledge sharing (think Bing Maps for law).

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How Startups Can Energize Healthcare Sector

(This guest post is part of the Think Next thought leadership series) In the second most populous country of the world, where digitization is the buzz word, it is no wonder that a very traditional and closed industry like healthcare is now turning to startups to resolve long standing issues. The need is not out […]

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A New Microsoft? What One Startup Learned from WPC

Recently, I attended Microsoft’s Worldwide Partner Conference, and I came away with two key learnings from that event:

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Next Stop: The Future

This contribution is a guest post from Naiyya Saggi, Co-founder & CEO of BabyChakra. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5.. and I was on stage. The stage was large (as warned) but I was still unprepared for the expectant sea of faces waiting for us to pitch BabyChakra.

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