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Microsoft Accelerator lightens Innovation

The 2016 National Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship Week Beijing venue, which is also the Zhongguancun Innovation and Entrepreneurship Festival, came to an end on Oct 21. The event brought new ideas and power to China’s new economy.

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Diversity in Startups: Why the inclusion of women should be a Day One priority

Frida Polli, Founder & CEO of Pymetrics; Julie Yao, Founder & Chief Data Science Officer of Pymetrics

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Microsoft Accelerator in Bangalore Announces Batch 9 – Meet the Startups!

Startups need help. We’ve witnessed this truth time and again, no matter how old the startup is, no matter what stage the startup is in. Startups need help in three basic areas:

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Ready to Scale? Apply to the New Microsoft Accelerator in Shanghai

In an increasingly competitive market, startups need all the help they can get finding the right resources, guidance and connections to take advantage of emerging market opportunities. And Microsoft is helping provide just that with our new initiative in Shanghai. 

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RetailXelerator from Sprosty Network and Microsoft Work Together to Help Startups Scale

We are pleased to announce that Sprosty Network and its RetailXelerator (RX) program have joined forces with Microsoft Accelerator in Seattle to move later-stage startups in the Microsoft program to scale.

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Cohort 6 Start Up Appiness Launch Spott in Belgium

  The Belgian start up Appiness, which recently joined Cohort #6 at the Microsoft Accelerator London, just launched their inspiration platform Spott in Belgium.

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CMO Challenge: Making the Most of Big Data and Analytics

Chief Marketing Officers today face numerous challenges, from choosing the right platforms to advertise on and hiring good talent to choosing the right CRM and analyzing ROI. Luckily, no matter what you’re up against, there are always ways to improve and optimize your strategies in order to become more effective and make your department a […]

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