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15 Startups Join the Second Annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow

Since its founding in 2012, Microsoft Accelerator has certainly come a long way. This past year alone saw our startups raise more than $170 million in funding. We’ve also helped them get enterprise ready through mentoring, product development support, and networking opportunities that empower them fulfill their missions.

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5 Recommendations for Startups Preparing to Engage Corporates

While both startups and corporates have their sights set on growth and providing value, they are entirely different beasts. In fact, they are almost at opposite ends of the company life cycle, but their interaction is inevitable.

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Azure IP Advantage: Protecting Innovation in the Cloud

For a startup, providing a great customer value proposition, iterating on the customer offering, and landing early wins are usually the focus areas. This energy fuels the innovation for customers and in turn drives additional customer loyalty and business scale for the startup. Increasingly, cloud is becoming a key enabler for this rapid innovation and […]

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Beijing Accelerator Welcomes 16 Startups into its 9th Cohort

Last month, Microsoft Accelerator in Beijing successfully kicked off its 9th batch with an onboarding boot camp, Azure migration workshop, stakeholder development training course, and a B2B sales training session.

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Microsoft Accelerator Tel Aviv Launches 10th Cohort

The Tel Aviv Accelerator is proud to announce the start of its 10th batch. The 11 remarkable startups that have joined the spring cohort boast an impressive average funding of $2.8 million.

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10 Series A Startups Selected for Batch 5 at Microsoft Accelerator in Seattle

While everyone is anxiously awaiting the end of the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest, the team at Microsoft Accelerator in Seattle is already celebrating something new: our fifth batch of startups!

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Scaling from Founder to CEO

Scaling up is one of the trickiest growth phases that a start-up will face. But what does it mean for the founder / CEO ?

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Want to Know How to Work With Startups? Follow These 12 Rules

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

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