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8 Tips for Startups to Truly Understand Their Customers’ Needs

This article originally appeared in The Marker. Customer development is one of the most crucial steps for getting your budding startup off the ground. Understanding your customers and their real pain is the key to focusing your limited resources on solving a genuine market need.

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From Row 18B: SXSW Interactive 2014 Edition

In 2011, tech went mainstream at SXSW. That was the first year Interactive attendees eclipsed Music, the very reason why the conference spawned in the first place back in 1987. Interactive continued to dominate this year by swelling to 30,000 developers, designers, influencers, bloggers, entrepreneurs, VCs, startups and all shades of marketing and creative professionals […]

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Berlin Startup Pinio Meets with Chancellor Angela Merkel at CeBIT

Earlier this week in Hannover, Germany, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and British Prime Minister David Cameron visited Microsoft at CeBIT 2014, the world’s largest international computer expo. During the visit, Angela Merkel announced the launch of the second Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Berlin class.

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LAUNCH 2014: Inspiration and Insights for Startups

This week we had the pleasure of participating at LAUNCH, meeting with numerous startups who converged in San Francisco to debut their solutions.

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Nine Startups Pitch for Top European Investors at the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Paris Demo Day

Last week during Microsoft TechDays we held the first Demo Day for our Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Paris. It was only a year ago that we had announced the launch of our accelerator, and now we’ve helped 30 startups take flight.

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Surveys or Open Questions – What Works Better for Initial Product Validation

Over the last few weeks, the new batch (fourth) of 16 companies at the Microsoft accelerator has been getting started with customer development. Some companies are fairly advanced, doing hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, but most are early stage.

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Microsoft Ventures Invests in Askem to Help You “Question Everything”

It’s only natural to seek validation from your friends, whether it’s about your new glasses, what movie to see or which car to purchase. Asking your friends on social media is convenient. However, this often elicits vague answers which aren’t helpful.

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Video News App Watchup Receives Seed Investment from Microsoft Ventures

We are always interested in startups that bring incredible services to their customers. That’s why we’re pleased to announce a seed fund investment in Watchup.

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