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Global Startup Stories: ZoomCar

I did something pretty crazy.  My co-founder and I, both Americans, gave up full scholarships at USC’s Marshall School of Business and at Cambridge University’s Judge School of Business, and moved to Bangalore to start India’s first car-sharing company, ZoomCar.

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Seven Laws of Information and Its Contextual Reference to IoT

Prashant specializes in Big-Data, Internet of Things, Urban & Rural Informatics and Cloud-powered Wearables. While exploring research focused on information-as-an-asset, I stumbled upon a paper (dated around 1999 written by Daniel Moody, University of Melbourne and Peter Walsh, Simsion Bowles and Associates) that took an asset valuation approach towards information.

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Connected Smart Homes – How IoT will Finally Network Communities

Prashant specializes in Big-Data, Internet of Things, Urban & Rural Informatics and Cloud-powered Wearables. Home automation and personalization have been active fields for many years. Innovation has largely been centred on personalized choices and thematic influences to suit individual needs. While most classical home automation solutions covered things such as lighting-sensor, climate control and some […]

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Five City Accelerator Meetups Announced

On June 17th we announced our newest Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in Partnership with American Family Insurance. We’re happy to share that the interest level has been high with a number of quality applications submitted.

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Straight Talk from UK Investors

Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London recently held panel discussions on seed funding with top UK venture capitalists. For the startups in the room with burning questions, they covered assessment of startup teams, attractiveness of pre-revenue business models, valuation positioning and boldness of financial projections.

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Livestream: Microsoft Ventures Global Startup Day

Eleven of the brightest startups from top entrepreneurial ecosystems around the world are joining us at Global Startup Day in San Francisco. The event celebrates startups that graduated from our accelerator and incubation programs and are seeing market traction as a result.

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Internet of Things 101: Understanding the Building Blocks of the Connected World

Most people I meet often define the advancements in hardware miniaturization, smart digital hub, and personalized home environment as a smart revolution.

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Startup Stories: A Day in the Life of Buying Butler

On a typical morning, I’m up around 6:30 am. My team and I are based in Nottingham, although I try and stay in London a couple nights a week to save the commute to the Microsoft Ventures Accelerator in London. My train arrives into Kings Cross, and I jump on the Hammersmith and City line […]

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