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Global Startup Roadshow Profile: Shareablee, Microsoft Accelerator Graduate

As part of our second annual Microsoft Global Startup Roadshow, we’re introducing some of our top startups here on the Microsoft Accelerator blog. Keep an eye out for more as we gear up for the 5-day event next week!


Shareablee is an online platform offering audience insights, competitive benchmarking and other services that help brands, publishers and agencies collect their social data before transforming it into useful business intelligence. The later stage-startup came to the Microsoft Accelerator in 2016 as part of the fourth batch of our Machine Learning and Data Science Accelerator. Since then, the company has gone from strength to strength, aided by Microsoft to get enterprise ready as it grows and scales.

Founded by CEO Tania Yuki, Shareablee focuses on the power that can be gained by taking insights from what billions of people do, every day, on mobile devices and social media platforms. As the richest window into the way humans think, the potential for marketing hints and tips is enormous, something that Yuki and the Shareablee team have rightly capitalized on.

Research shows more than 90% of businesses use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat to communicate with their communities, share content, and market new products and services. As consumers spend more time online and mobile, advertisers are pumping more resources into social media marketing, but are struggling to monitor the ever increasing quantity of data from social metrics effectively. That’s where Shareablee comes in. Rather than tackling each individual metric, the platform cuts out background noise and helps businesses by providing a single, digestible resource.

Shareablee focuses on three things to avoid creating “a horror show” for marketers. By looking at audience intelligence, actionable creative insights and cross platform measurement and benchmarking – and nothing else – the platform cuts out unnecessary background noise and makes focusing on the task at hand easier.

Where are they now

In just over three years since the company was founded, Shareablee has grown from a team of three people working out of Yuki’s living room to an enterprise of more than 60 people. In almost no time, Shareablee has worked itself into a position where it boasts the world’s largest system of brand performance data across various social platforms. In this time, Shareablee has stockpiled a ‘dictionary’ of every relevant brand, celebrity, product, holding company and media outlet, and measures how billions of users around the world reacts to their content.

In just over three years since the company was founded, Shareablee has grown from a team of three people working out of Yuki’s living room to an enterprise of more than 60 people.

Through its partnership with Microsoft, the natural technology choice for deep tech solutions, it has been able to expand and grow. As well as teaming up with Microsoft, Shareablee has also partnered with ComScore, Bloomberg, OMNIGON and – most recently – Facebook as part of its Media Solutions Partnership.

Of course, the partnerships and other customer introductions are just one positive to take away from the Seattle Accelerator program. As well as getting Shareablee enterprise ready, Microsoft – assisted by partnerships with the Azure Machine Learning team and Microsoft Sales teams – provides mentorship, access to technology, and more. As with all our startup alumni, Shareablee enjoyed, and will continue to enjoy, unprecedented individualized coaching via our partner network.

Get in touch

For further information about Shareablee, visit their homepage, which features a range of informative tutorial videos and blog resources, or contact via email at


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